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The skill that isn’t taught in school that will help you get more friends, become a top performer at work, and turn on life’s “easy mode”.

What if you could feel 100% authentic and confident about your ability to connect with people--even if you’ve struggled socially in the past? 

Charisma is a skill that isn’t taught in school, and most people NEVER learn how to communicate with impact. 

This puts an invisible “success ceiling” on several key areas of their lives: 

  • Less career options. The higher you advance in your career, the MORE important soft skills become.
  • Less friends. If you’re not able to connect with people, it’ll be harder to “bridge the gap” between acquaintance and friend.
  • Less fulfillment. If you want more from yourself socially, and more out of life...and you DON’T get it...that’s a recipe for long-term regret.

But for those people who learn how to be charismatic---suddenly everything becomes easier.  

They get more job offers, more friends, more connections, more promotions, and they move through the world more effectively..  

I’d like to show you how you can become a more charismatic version of yourself--while staying completely authentic.

Jeff Callahan

Hi, I’m Jeff Callahan, founder of Become More Compelling. I help ambitious overthinkers supercharge their people skills and charisma.

I honed my charisma and people skills by having over 90,000 conversations over 10+ years.  

When you think of a charismatic person, who do you picture?

Charismatic people

You might think of Oprah, Robert Downey Jr. or Will Smith.

These people seem to project confidence and charisma without even trying.

What if you could unlock your own authentic version of charisma?

Here's what a typical day might like for you...

7:00 AM - You wake up, roll over and check your phone. 

You have five messages from new friends you’ve met recently telling you that it was great hanging out and they can’t wait to do it again.  

You reply and set up some dinner plans for later.  

8:30 AM - You grab your morning cup at your favorite coffee shop, where you joke around with the barista and get a blueberry muffin on the house.  

9:30 AM - At work, on a Zoom call, you give an important presentation to your company's executive team at your Monday stand-up meeting. You feel calm and in control.

For the rest of the meeting, you feel like you can voice your opinion confidently and directly.  

2:00 PM - As you go about your day, you have easy, engaging small talk with your coworkers as you hop in and out of meetings. As you have these conversations, you can FEEL the relationship-building right before your eyes.

In situations that may have made you stumble or feel awkward in the past, like meeting new people, telling engaging stories, or being assertive are now second nature to you.

People seem to gravitate toward you and be engaged by what you say.

As you wrap up at the end of the day, your boss calls you...

She tells you that she was really impressed by the presentation you gave, and lets you know that there’s an open position that you should apply for. 

This position would be a huge step up in your career.  

7:00 PM - After work, you meet up with friends and tell them a few captivating stories over dinner.

Each story is finely crafted and when people laugh, you’re not surprised. You know exactly what to say and how to say it. And your friends are eating it up.  

9:00 PM - When you walk in the door and toss your keys on the table, you smile to yourself. 

It feels great to know deep down that you can walk into nearly any situation and feel 100% confident about what you can bring to the table socially.

For most people, this is the kind of day they can only dream about... 

After helping hundreds of people improve their people skills over the last six years, I’ve noticed that many people struggle with a few key barriers when trying to improve their charisma and people skills. 

How many of these apply to you? (I had all three.)

Barrier #1: The “Internal charisma” Barrier  

If you’ve ever walked into a dinner party, conference, or Zoom meeting and randomly thought about last time when you made a cringey joke and people just stared blankly at you... 

(Y’know...the kind that made you wish you could teleport to a remote desert island where you could live the rest of your days away from humanity) 

...then you’ve experienced the “internal charisma barrier” first-hand.  

This “internal charisma barrier” is that insidious voice in the back of your head that reminds you of all your past failures, and lists 1,001 reasons why you can’t be socially successful.  

This barrier has one objective: To keep you exactly where you currently are and prevent you from improving.

This "Internal Charisma" barrier is tough because it’s often completely invisible

Most people don’t realize that the psychology of people skills and charisma matters. 

And they’ll be silently held back for years or even decades without even realizing it.

They'll see people in their lives get promotions and and connections...and then they'll shrug and say "Must be nice..." 

If they don’t get this barrier handled, then it will limit their ability to become charismatic and socially skilled. 

Barrier #2: The “External Charisma” Barrier. 

Sometimes, it’s good to know exactly what to do and when to do it.

People experience “External Charisma” barrier in subtle ways. 

Interactions consistently feel “off” to you. Maybe you have awkward silences way too often.

Maybe people tell you things like “You’re so quiet!”.  

Maybe you think you’re defective in some way...  

Just take a look at this Reddit post: 

Reddit post

If you’ve ever been told “You’re so quiet!” you might want to put your head in a pillow and scream.  

Because deep down, you know that you are capable of so much more. 

That sometimes quiet, sometimes awkward version of you isn’t the REAL you. It's not the you that your close friends and family know.  

You’d like to be able to walk into any room, and be able to make a great first impression, connect with others, and leave people thinking “Wow. I’m so happy I met you!”  

Knowing the right steps in the right order is absolutely important when it comes to being charismatic and memorable.  

Barrier #3 The Overthinking Barrier.  

Overthinking any area of your life is an easy thing to do. 

After talking with hundreds of my readers, I’ve noticed that people who want to become more charismatic and socially skilled tend to overthink a LOT. (Just like I did as I was learning)  

If you’re an overthinker, you might catch yourself saying things like…  

“Aw crap...what I should have said was...”  

“If they say this then I’ll say that!”  

“First I’ll bring up x and then y, and then z. Ha! I've got a perfect plan for the perfect interaction!” 


Overthinking is exhausting, and it takes you out of the interaction and severely limits your ability to be charismatic.  

Overthinking interactions is an easy trap to fall into.

But here's something that flies under the radar for most people...  

It’s also easy to overthink the solutions to our problems.  

  • Reading article after article on small talk topics.
  • Rereading How to Win Friends and Influence People for the 3rd time.  
  • Watching more Youtube videos on making first impressions until your phone battery dies.

It’s understandable to cobble together lots of information, especially if you’re trying to improve at a skill, but raw quantity of information doesn't matter if you’re not taking focused action.  

This is a classic smart person’s problem: 

“Maybe if I get a liiiittle more information, I’ll be able to walk up to anyone and have a fantastic, engaging conversation and feel great while doing it.”  

In reality—getting the right information and consistent practice with a proven system is what can trigger massive results.  

When it comes to charisma and people skills, it’s important to remember that you CAN overcome those barriers that might be holding you back from having great, meaningful, interactions.  

Charisma is a learnable skill, just like driving a car.

If you’ve spent years getting good at skills that don’t involve talking and connecting people, then it might be surprising when you learn how crucial these softer skills like charisma are.

In life, the most important skills are almost always hidden.  

Charisma, the hidden skill that isn’t taught in school...  

The skills that could help you 10x your success in your career, relationships and life are hidden.

Growing up, the plan is all about learning technical skills and studying hard in school. 

In college, our parents and advisors tell us "Focus! Get good at one thing so you can get a good job!" (like accounting, computer science, or programming).

Once you get out of college and into the “real world“ you start to realize something...

Technical skills aren’t enough...they're simply the price of admission.

  • You might notice people who aren’t as technically skilled getting promoted and growing their career faster than others.
  • They are to be able to talk to anyone and make people feel comfortable around them.
  • They seem to thrive in situations that make others uncomfortable, like giving a presentation, or being assertive.

How are they able to do that? 

Everything seems 10x easier for them!

What we’re never taught in school is how to communicate with impact.  

Were never taught how to be persuasive or how to “be confident”. 

Those are just skills we’re supposed to pick up along the way (even though no one ever sits you down and tells you how important they are and how to do them!) 

Soft skills. Hard impact.

Let's take a quick look at the real world impact of being charismatic.

I'd like to introduce you to Andy and Ben.

They both make $40,000 per year (we’ll keep the math simple)  

Andy: $40,000  

Ben: $40,000  

Both of them are technically skilled at what they do. 

They nail the job description.

But Ben has an advantage. 

Ben is more charismatic than Andy.

Ben builds relationships in Zoom meetings, at lunches, and at happy hour.

Ben speaks up in meetings, give great presentations, and people love being around him.

(Andy shows up, does good work, and goes home.)

Ben gets a nice promotion and raise up to $45,000 per year.  

Over the next 20 years, Ben will earn an extra $100,000 compared to Andy.  

(In reality, Ben will likely earn much more because he will get raises every year that are all based on that baseline of $45,000.)

By not being able to communicate in an impactful way, Andy is missing out on $100,000 over the next 20 years: 

Person A and B


Ugh...I’ll save my soapbox for another time.


I think we’re not taught these things because of some false assumptions that are deeply held by our friends, parents, colleagues  

False assumption #1: Charisma is something that you're either born with or you're not.  

Reality: Charisma is 100% a learnable skill, just like driving a car or learning how to swing dance.  

When you see a highly charismatic person doing their thing, it can seem like pure magic.  

It's not. You're simply seeing the results of lots of practice.  

The reality is--most highly charismatic people just learned the skills of charisma earlier in life.  

These skills can be learned at any age. All it takes is being willing to test out new approaches to social situations.  

False assumption #2: "It's weird to work on your social skills, you should just be yourself!"

Reality: Being authentic and working on your charisma and people skills are not mutually exclusive.  

What I've noticed with my clients and students is that the more charismatic they become, the more authentic they feel.

They feel more authentic because they can showcase that awesome side of themselves that they hide from people out of fear that people won’t like or accept them.  

What I find most troubling about these false assumptions is that they can (if you let them) silently guide your life for months, years, or even decades.

Take a look at a haunting Reddit post I found a few weeks ago. This person actually got demoted because of his lack of people skills:

Reddit 2

Imagine working for YEARS to get to a certain level of success, and then’s all gone in an instant.  

You worked your butt off, but as you got higher in the organization, you realized that technical skills alone are not enough to get to the next level.  

What got you here won’t get you there.  

At best, you stay where you are without any momentum. 

At worst, like our example above, you get demoted and see one of your teammates get promoted to where you were yesterday.  

If “being yourself” isn’t serving you and getting you where you want to be--why wouldn’t you adapt and give yourself every possible advantage? 

Charisma: The skill you'll use for the rest of your life.

Building the skill of charisma is great in the short term--you’ll notice that you’re able to showcase the best parts of yourself, and people will almost instantly take a liking to you.  

  • You’ll have an easier time at work, where your ideas and opinions will seem more credible. You'll automatically command more respect.
  • You’ll be able to make friends and contacts with ease.  
  • You’ll no longer be derailed by a moment of hesitation or awkwardness.  

All that is great!  

And I’d encourage you to take an even longer-term view of learning to be charismatic. 

If you put in the effort and work to become a more charismatic version of yourself, what will the impact be in 5 years?  

As you become more charismatic, the interesting thing is your results will compound over time.  

Possessing the ability to “turn on” your unique brand of charisma at a moment’s notice could lead to…  

  • Dream job offers and promotions. (Like our example above, a $5,000/yr. promotion and pay bump could mean an extra $100,000 over 20 years)  
  • Meeting lifelong friends, future business partners and amazing clients.  
  • Even meeting a romantic partner! (If you use my material and end up getting married--I expect a wedding invite!)

The entire trajectory of your life can change because you’re able to communicate in a way that says “I’m here and I’m worth getting to know.”  

It’s not magic. It’s just a collection of small, learnable skills that make up “being charismatic”.

It’s also worth thinking about what might happen if you don’t take steps to improve.  

In five years, where will you be if you don’t take action? 

  • Still fading into the backround at parties because your mind goes blank?
  • Sitting by and watching other people get promotions you should be getting?
  • Dealing with that haunting feelin that you're not living up to your potential?

I believe that your social success shouldn’t be left up to chance...  

I believe that you deserve to get massive, sustainable results that will last you a lifetime...  

I believe that you should draw a line in the sand and say to yourself...

"I’m ready to get more out of myself socially, and more out of life.” 


Breakthrough Charisma

Discover how to be authentically charismatic in everyday situations.

even if...

You've struggled socially in the past.

You feel shy and freeze up in social situations.

You overthink social interactions.

Breakthrough Charisma is an online video course for ambitious overthinkers who want to become more charismatic and memorable in social situations.

If you're tired of missing out on social opportunities, promotions, growing your network, and developing meaningful connections with people, then Breakthrough Charisma is for you.

Breakthrough Charisma is a complete system that covers internal mindsets, external skillsets, and even advanced charisma concepts like persuasion, assertivness, and presenting to groups.

I created this course with one singular focus: Create a course that people can use to supercharge their charisma so that they can get more out of themselves and more out of life. 

This video course has 4 core modules:

  • Module 1: Internal Charisma: How to rewire yourself to become more charismatic while staying 100% authentic.  
  • Module 2: Magnetic Charisma: How the combination of Influence & Connection will skyrocket your external charisma level.  
  • Module 3: Memorable Charisma: How to have automatic charisma in everyday situations  
  • Module 4: Advanced Charisma: How To Persuade People, Present To Groups, And Become More Assertive
  • Worksheets for each module with detailed action steps.

These bonuses:  

  • Bonus: Charismatic Win Journal PDF. (Print this out and record your wins!)  
  • Bonus video: Rob Riker on building a social circle and being more assertive.  
  • Bonus video for men: Level up your personal style with Peter Nguyen.  
  • Bonus video for women: Get style confidence with Hilde Fossen.  
  • Student Spotlight: Jeff & Catherine work on first impressions and engaging stories.  
  • Student Spotlight: Jeff & Fran work on making charismatic first impressions.
  • Module 1 Group Coaching Call replay from 2019.
  • Module 2 Group Coaching Call replay from 2019.
  • Module 3 Group Coaching Call replay from 2019.
  • Module 4 Group Coaching Call replay from 2019.


  • One-on-One Coaching Session. After you complete the 4 core modules, schedule a one-on-one 60-minute coaching session with Jeff!

In the course, you'll learn...


Module 1: How to rewire yourself to become more charismatic while staying 100% authentic.

How To Overcome the “Authenticity Paradox” & discomfort as you become charismatic. 

Identity Shift: How to shift your identity and destroy negative self talk that can limit charisma

How to choose your own reality. (This took me over a decade to learn. You’ll learn it in minutes and use it forever.)

Win/Win: Why the “everyone wins” mentality is crucial for charisma

The 4 Stages of Competence. How to think about improvement over time

Module 2: How the combination of Influence & Connection will skyrocket your external charisma level.  

Why attention is a crucial part of connection. (With examples from Oprah and Bill Clinton)

How to make charismatic eye contact that makes the other person feel like the only person in the room.

Humor. How to be funny using these 3 charismatic humor styles.

How to use body language to connect with people. (Start using these immediately)

Mindsets of Influence: How to develop natural confidence

Influential body language and voice tone.

How To Discover Your Brand of Charisma By Getting Specific Feedback

Watch me break down examples of charisma and influence from people like Steve Jobs and Oprah.

Module 3: How to have automatic charisma in everyday situations

How to Make Charismatic First Impressions (The crucial few things to focus on)

How To Have Engaging, Charismatic Small Talk

How To Craft Stories That Captivate, and how to create your own personal story vault

How To Build Rapport And Connect With People

Be An Everyday Leader in Group Conversations

How to Charismatically End Conversations and Set up a Next Meeting  

How To Follow Up Like A Pro After Meeting Someone

Word-for-word Scripts To Send People Over Text After Meeting Them

Module 4: How To Persuade People, Present To Groups, And Become More Assertive  


Persuasion: The Subtle Art of Influencing Others.

How To Be Assertive Without Being Aggressive.

How To Create Rock Solid Boundaries By Creating And Maintaining Your Own Personal “Bill of Rights"


The DEBT Framework: How to react when your boundaries are tested.

How To Charismatically Present To A Group Using The F-SEA-E Framework.

Bonus video: Rob Riker on building a social circle and being more assertive.  


Bonus video: For Men: Level up your style with Peter Nguyen, personal stylist.

Bonus video: For Women: Get style confidence with Hilde Fossen.

Student Spotlight: Jeff & Catherine work on first impressions and engaging stories.  


Student Spotlight: Jeff & Fran work on making charismatic first impressions.


Module 1 Group Coaching Call Recording: Watch and learn as I answer questions from students.


Module 2 Group Coaching Call Recording: Watch and learn as I answer questions from students. 



Module 3 Group Coaching Call Recording: Watch and learn as I answer questions from students.


Module 4 Group Coaching Call Recording: Watch and learn as I answer questions from students.

Charismatic Wins Journal PDF.

Track your wins over time.

All Modules Include Worksheet PDFs With Detailed Actions Steps

  • Take rapid action with these PDFs with detailed action steps!
  • Print them out and work through them at your own pace.

Video, Audio & Transcript

  • Watch, listen, or read the core modules. (You'll get all three!) Choose how you learn.

New: One-on-One Coaching After You Complete The Course!

Get personalized advice to help you move forward faster.

One-on-one Coaching:

After you complete all 4 core modules of Breakthrough Charisma, you can schedule one 60-minute private coaching session with me--Included in your purchase of the course!

In that session, you'll get personalized advice as you continue to build your charisma. 

(This alone is worth the entire price of the course.)

Lifetime Access: Learn at Your Own Pace

  • You'll have lifetime access to the material in the course, as well as any updates in the future. Learn at your own pace.

FAQ About Breakthrough Charisma

What is this course about?  

Breakthrough Charisma is a video course that will help you unlock your version of charisma by walking you through tested mindsets, skillsets, and strategies that will help you become more charismatic in everyday situations. 

It’s a complete system that is centered on taking action.  

Do I have time to take this course?

Each of the four core modules are about an hour-long broken into multiple, easy-to-digest videos. 

There are about 6 hours of bonus content.  

To go through all modules, worksheets, and bonuses will take about 12 hours. 

I’d set aside 1-2 hours per week for focused learning and 1-2 hours per week for practice. 

(For most people this will be built into the everyday routines of work, home, school, and life)

Keep in mind that you’ll have lifetime access to the material in Breakthrough Charisma, so you can go through the course at your own pace.  

Do I get access to the course all at once?  


As soon as you purchase, you'll get access to all four modules, as well as all bonuses. 

In the very first video I make recommendations on how to go through the course.

Does Breakthrough Charisma work with Social Distancing/A Global Pandemic?  


99% of the course material applies in the era of social distancing.

A big portion of the world is adapting to Zoom calls for work, school and even socializing. Being charismatic and present in those situations is even MORE important, and this course will help you do that.

Breakthrough Charisma is right for you if...

  • You want to learn how to be more charismatic in everyday situations at work, home or out at social events.  
  • You want to stop fading into the background in social situations.  
  • You're tired of reading random articles about small talk, and you're ready to put in the work and get the results using a proven system. 
  • You want a course that is action-focused, and you’re ready to follow detailed action steps to improve your social mindsets and skillsets so that you can communicate with impact in your life and career. 

My Guarantee To You:

Try Breakthrough Charisma for 30 days, 100% risk-free.

Try the entire course. If you don't LOVE it, I insist that you get 100% of your money back. 

(I'll even take care of the credit card processing fees.)  

Join the course, watch all the videos, print out the worksheets and work through them. 

If this course doesn't help you with your mindsets, communication and interactions within 30 days, send me an email. 

Show me that you did the work, and I'll give you 100% of your money back.  

This guarantee lasts for 30 days, which means you could take the entire course, and then decide if Breakthrough Charisma is right for you.  

Start becoming more charismatic today...

Breakthrough Charisma

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What Breakthrough Charisma Students Are Saying About The Course...

"Breakthrough Charisma has opened my eyes to a whole new way of approaching communication with others, and as a result, I've had more engaging, successful conversations with others. 

The course has given me actionable information and tasks that make me think about how I communicate with people, and how I can improve."

-Catherine D.  

"If you struggle in social situations, definitely take the course.

If you feel you're already good at social situations, up your game with this course, either way you won't be disappointed."

-Jay U.

"I was interested in Breakthrough Charisma because I wanted to improve my voice and intonation. 

Thanks to Module 2, I'm now aware of ways to carry an influential voice tone. 

I'm definitely noticing that I'm using fewer filler words. I also have a way to keep my negative thoughts in check when I start to doubt my influential abilities. 

The persuasion material in Module 4 was helpful for setting up the points I plan to bring to my salary negotiation. The min-max-medium exercise was eye-opening as well. So every module had useful takeaways. 

If anyone is thinking about joining the course, I would ask them to consider the practicality of these materials. 

It's not just theory but also actionable steps they can take to improve their social skills and inner game."

-Brian H.

"I’ve been using the material on being assertive from Breakthrough Charisma to set stronger boundaries with clients.  

As a business owner, this is HUGE. Being respectfully assertive allows me to spend more time on things that matter to me, and avoid situations that aren’t a fit.  

I have struggled with setting boundaries and being assertive my entire life, and this tool makes all the difference! Thanks Jeff!"

-John B.

"I’m in sales and going to law school. I’ll be using [Breakthrough Charisma] every single day to be more persuasive. My sales went up significantly and I’m confident going into law school.  

Breakthrough Charisma helps to break down what makes charisma, charisma.

It went through both the internal mindset and the external actions needed to overcome lack of social skills and to develop social confidence."

-Michael I.

"I am much more likely to initiate conversations and try to build and maintain links with new people. 

I would tell people interested in [Breakthrough Charisma] that there is some really valuable and actionable information which potentially would be highly useful. I would also tell them, this will require practice and probably re-watching several times."

-Ravi P.  

"I really appreciated the specifics: When you give me a script of words to use as starters, enders, etc. That's meaningful to me.

Also I really liked the videos of where you show people DOing what you say works. 

Jeff is down-to-Earth. Jeff make it seem like he truly did have social issues once and have worked beyond them. AND that is what makes this course different than the others."  

-Fran C.

You are capable of more than you think 

There’s a quote from Teddy Roosevelt that I return to every time I’m faced with a big decision:  

“In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing, the next best thing is the wrong thing, and the worst thing you can do is nothing.” -Theodore Roosevelt  

What I love about this quote is the reminder that inaction is often the worst thing you can do.'s one year in the future. 

You’re thinking back on your decision to join this course.  

How do you feel? 

Are you glad you took the time to learn how to be a more charismatic version of yourself?  

  • What is your life like?  
  • What is your career like?  
  • What are your relationships like?
  • What are you like?

If you’re ready to put in the work, I’ve created a complete video course that will walk you through every aspect of building your own authentic brand of charisma.  

I can’t wait to share this course with you. 

Click the blue button below to join Breakthrough Charisma...  

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Disclaimers/Legal ©Jeff Callahan Disclaimer: Results may, and probably WILL vary, and you should NOT use this information as a replacement for help from a licensed professional.